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Steel Frame Structural System Introduction

Main structural system as below:
A: Thin-walled cold-formed steel structural system:
Members adopt cold bending steel sheet into a C-shaped, Z-shaped parts, may be used alone, can also be used in combination, the connection between the lever member with a self-tapping screw. Not easy to guarantee this system nodes rigid, anti-side capacity poor, generally used only for 1 to 2 storey residential villa.

B: Frame support system
Heavy wind loads or frequent earthquake area, increasing the support of the shaft cross or partial pay support effect well in order to increase the lateral stiffness of the system. This system for multiple anti-side system, and beam-column joints, column foot node can be designed to be articulated, semi-rigid construction of simple structure, based primarily axial force, smaller size, so the steel structure got  favored.

C: Frame
At present, this system is most widely used in the multi-storey steel structure residence. Setting both vertical and horizontal structure into steel frame, flexible settings of doors and windows, which can provide a large space and is convenient for the user to design again  to meet the various needs of life. Steel frame to consider the combined effect of the floor, used in low-rise residence, and generally able to meet the requirements of the anti-side. However, at present, due to main frame column is H-beam, It is difficult to guarantee the rigid of the weak axis beam-column connections, so designing and construction must be taken seriously.

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